Camophone was an overnight success after being featured in an article written by Kevin Poulsen for the day after its launch. Coming off the success of Star38, which was launched just a month earlier, Camophone was the first Caller ID spoofing site to offer services to the general public. Camophone’s site design was very amateurish but the functionality was there. Camophone also undercut Star38 by a huge amount at just 5 cents per minute. The downside was that Camophone only offered a web interface so users had to be at their computers to use the service. Also, Camophone’s PBX did not have a great connection, and because a lot of users were constantly using Camophone’s service, the call quality was not the greatest.

What Happened To Camophone?

Camophone was opened on October 26, 2004 and stopped offering Caller ID spoofing services around June 26, 2005. Some think that Camophone was closed down because its site was hacked and all its customers information was exposed during the hack. In late 2006 the owners of Camophone failed to renew their domain name and a domaining company purchased the domain for the sole purposed of displaying advertisements.

Who Owned Camophone?

A small VoIP provider, TXLink, appears to have been the ones behind Camophone. This information was exposed through the Google AdSense ads on the site.

Camophone Screenshots


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