CovertCall was launched in December 2004 and offered Caller ID spoofing services for as low as 3.5 cents a minute when purchased in bulk. CovertCall claimed to be run by a woman named Joanna, who frequently posted photos of herself for users. In reality, a man in Florida was behind CovertCall. CovertCall was the first Caller ID spoofing site to offer a web interface and a toll free number for its users.

What Happened To CovertCall?

In early 2005 CovertCall was hacked, along with Camophone, through a security hole in its forum software. All of its customer’s information quickly was passed around IRC. CovertCall was offered for sale in June 2005 and by 2006, CovertCall had shut down completely, never to be reopened. The domain was purchased by domainers strictly for the purpose of displaying advertisements.



CovertCall Screenshots

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