Frequently Asked Questions About Caller ID Spoofing

Can you spoof Caller ID on international calls?
International Caller ID spoofing is possible, but success varies country to country. Why? Because each countries phone equipment tends to be different than that of the country placing the call. Different telephone companies may take a different route than other companies to a country. Also, telephone companies may configure their international gateways differently from other companies. International spoofing could really only be considered reliable if a company had ties with telephone providers in each and every country. However, Caller ID spoofing is almost possible to the same extent across Europe as it is in the United States and Canada. Results will vary. Typically a +1 will appear in front of the spoofed Caller ID on Caller ID displays in Europe, because the international gateway, or the local European carrier, will see that the call is not actually originating from within that country.

Can Caller ID spoofing be used to call 911?
911 can only be spoofed to directly when using a PRI line from the telephone company. Commercial Caller ID spoofing providers, in our experiences, do not ever allow users to dial 911 from their system. This is typically due to the fact that they require numbers to be 10 or 11 digits long. A caller really has to go our of their way to spoof Caller ID to 911. Most people do not know that 911 numbers are also “secretly” available as direct 10 digit numbers. It may be possible for a caller to find this “backdoor” 911 number and call that number directly, as they would any other 10 digit telephone number. However, 911 does not solely rely on Caller ID spoofing or CPN (Calling Party Number) for identifying the originating phone. 911 can also receive BTN (Billing Telephone Number) or ANI which is much harder to falsify.

Can I block myself from receiving calls with spoofed Caller ID?
No. There really is no (easy) way for a recipient to know if a Caller ID is spoofed, unless a bogus Caller ID is used. The best thing you can do, if you are paranoid, is to email every commercial Caller ID spoofing provider and try to get them to block your number. But this does not stop someone from setting up their own PBX for Caller ID spoofing or getting access to a PRI line for spoofing.

Is Caller ID spoofing legal or illegal?
At this time, in North America, Caller ID spoofing is legal for most purposes. The government has been trying to enact bills that will make Caller ID spoofing for fraudulent purposes illegal. Also, telemarketers in the United States are required to send a legitimate Caller ID number that their company can be reached at.

Are Caller ID spoofing calling cards only available on the internet?
No, we’ve actually seen printed SpoofCard calling cards available in random stores across the US. We’re not sure if they’re available outside of the United States though.

Who’s your favorite commercial Caller ID spoofing provider?
Honestly, Spoofcard is our favorite spoofing provider and it’s not just because they have an affiliate program. They’re the largest spoofing provider and were the first ones to have additional features like free call recording, a voice changer, and telephone support. When they came out they also had lower rates than everyone else.