123Spoof.com was the latest Caller ID spoofing service to be launched in 2008. We first became aware of 123Spoof on August 29th, 2008. 123Spoof is also the first site in the past few years to offer a new feature. 123Spoof offers Caller ID spoofing, call recording, voice changing and an online control panel where you can place calls from the web. 123Spoof offers the first “Call Notes” feature where users can write notes about their calls and an online phonebook for contact lists and easy phone number access from anywhere. They also offered the straight to voicemail feature and several 123Spoof Mobile applications for various mobile platforms, dubbed iSpoof.

123Spoof was forced into a lawsuit by SpoofCard and was found to be in violation of SpoofCard’s trademarks. As a result, around June 2009 the site was shut down, the domain name was handed over to SpoofCard and the parent company was forced to avoid using any reference to “spoof” or “spoofing” in its future businesses. 123Spoof.com now forwards to SpoofCard.com where SpoofCard is offering 123Spoof customers the ability to trade in their old PIN for a SpoofCard account.

123Spoof appeared to be based of out the New York City area and is owned and operated by BSD Telecom, Inc.

As of August 2009 123Spoof.com is no longer active.

123Spoof Screenshots


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