SpoofCard was launched in late 2005 and quickly became the largest Caller ID spoofing provider. In 2006 SpoofCard was the first spoofing provider to offer a voice changer along with its Caller ID spoofing service. SpoofCard also offered other popular features like free call recording on every call and the ability to playback recordings over the phone or from the web. Another feature that set it apart from the competition was its dedicated telephone support line. SpoofCard also offers printed calling cards which can be found in select stores across the US. SpoofCard’s website was the same for almost two years until it changed to its first new design. In July 2009 SpoofCard.com switched to a new web 2.0 web design which was the first complete redesign, and addition of new features, in years.

SpoofCard also launched international calling support for the first time in July 2009. SpoofCard can now be purchased and used anywhere around the world. Later in 2009 SpoofCard added additional features like “straight-to-voicemail” so callers can skip right to a called partys voicemail to avoid a conversation.

How Well Does SpoofCard Work?

SpoofCard is our favorite Caller ID spoofing provider. We usually recommend new Caller ID spoofing users to use SpoofCard because it offers the highest quality service with the most features and is still very easy to use. On top of that, SpoofCard is one of the only service providers from the mid 2000’s that is still around. Telespoof is still around but it’s website has not been updated in a very long time. SpoofCard consistantly updates its products and offers the most reliable service to users, with the most mobile apps available as well. SpoofCard’s now apps now work on the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Palm webOS, Windows Mobile and even Facebook.

Trying SpoofCard For Free

Users can now try SpoofCard for free right on SpoofCard’s website. Additionally, users can get a free SpoofCard PIN, by sending one tweet about the service using the Twitter app on its website or by installing the SpoofCard Facebook app.

SpoofCard Screenshots

spoofcard spoofcard spoofcard

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