SpoofTel first launched in early 2005 after the success of Star38, Camophone and Telespoof in late 2004. SpoofTel is operated out of Vancouver, British Columbia and was the first spoofing provider from Canada. The main advantage of a Canadian Caller ID spoofing provider is that they do not fall under the jurisdiction of the FCC as a provider in the United States would. This means that SpoofTel has never been forced to hand over customer or company data to the FCC.

How Well Does SpoofTel work?

SpoofTel works well from our tests. SpoofTel’s website could be a little nicer but it works fine. SpoofTel may be preferred by some, as it is run out of Canada and is very inexpensive. SpoofTel’s call quality is average.

SpoofTel Screenshots


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