SpookCall.com was launched in June 2008 as the very first UK Caller ID spoofing company. After 4 years of Caller ID spoofing in the US and Canada, spoofing has finally made it’s way across the Atlantic. Spook Call works in typical fashion, with a dedicated 0808 toll free number and a web interface for call-backs, but does not take advantage of any SMS text messaging features which are largely popular in the UK. SpoofCall.com currently only accepts online PayPal payments and rates are around 50p a minute, with a minimum purchase of £5.

Just a week or so after it’s opening, SpookCall.com took down its website and decided to stop offering its service, after much scrutiny from the press, the public and even the government. SpookCall received legal correspondence from Ofcom, the UKs telecom bureau, before it decided it was in its best interest to shut down and avoid any legal action as it consults with its legal team on the legalities of Caller ID spoofing in the UK.

How Well Does SpookCall Work?

Our UK testers have told us SpookCall works well to UK VoIP and mobile phones almost all the time, however, our testers ran into some issues with BT landlines displaying the Caller ID on a couple test calls.

SpookCall Screenshots


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