Telespoof was launched on October 28, 2004 when it was introduced in a SecurityFocus article about Caller ID spoofing by Kevin Poulsen. Telespoof was launched to compete with Star38 directly and targeted the same Private Investigator and Debt Collector crowd as Star38. However, Telespoof did not have a large sign up/processing fee or a web interface as Star38 had. Instead Telespoof had a smaller sign up/processing fee with a dedicated toll free telephone number for its customers, something that neither Star38 and Camophone did not have at the time. This meant that its users did not have to be in front of a computer to be able to spoof Caller ID.

How Well Does Telespoof Work?

Telespoof is great and is very similiar to SpoofCard these days. For a short while Telespoof suffered from some call quality issues because of all its users but now has much better call quality. Telespoof now even offers a voice changer like SpoofCard.

Telespoof Screenshots

telespoof telespoof

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